Monday, June 10, 2013

Epic - the movie

Epic (2013) Poster 

This was a wonderful children's movie.  I took my daughters aged 8 & 10 who loved it.  Kids under 6 may find the baddies a little scary.
It is a real cross between Fern Gully and Arthur and the Invisibles.   A story about the struggle against the good vs evil in the forests. 
Kids (girls):  Will love it, a good story with lovable snails that make them laugh with their antics, a beautiful queen and great hero and mentor and great Father/Daughter relationship.
Kids (boys) Will love it for the lovable snails, the Girl's falls, the great hero and Mentor and for the action scenes between the good and evil.
Kids under 6: will love the beauty of the forest.  May be frightened of the baddies (that look like grey trolls) especially in 3D. Will however like that Dad saves the day.  2D probably will be less scary.
Adults: Probably forced to watch this for their kids sake will be pleasantly surprised by the scenery of the forest,  the great plot, that its not too violent more action and has a great message on family you will probably chuckle here and there and walk away with a smile on your face.